Opt for microblading and reveal perfectly sculpted brows

Why is microblading the treatment for you?

If you’re tired of filling in and drawing your brows every day, you’re probably looking for an effective way to achieve beautiful brows with a hyper-realistic brow drawing technique that will enhance your facial features.


A delicate manual tool is used to make incisions in the skin and insert pigment. We use a numbing cream to reduce discomfort, so the procedure is completely painless. We use specially designed Phibrows blades and high-quality pigments that produce extraordinary results.

Bold Brows is a microblading technique that has become very popular today.
Bold Brows has recently become a widespread method for enhancing and beautifying brows. The real difference unique to this technique is the definition of the hairs, which appear to guide the hair in a curved manner, giving the effect of a natural look.

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